Mindful Mondays 

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Mindful Mondays

a meditation series 

Offered monthly on select Mondays | 8-8:30am FREE & ONLINE


FREE monthly meditation sessions with Danni

Begin to build
a sustainable meditation practice

Exploration of yogic tools to make meditation accessible in your daily life

Experience the power of stillness

Danni will guide you through 30 min meditation practices 

Body, mind & spirit growth throughout the year

Danni will create the space needed for you to simply be

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Mindful Mondays

Upcoming: Monday, June 3 |  8-8:30am

Join Danni for Mindful Mondays, a monthly meditation series. On these sweet Monday mornings, Danni will create the space needed for you to simple be... one pause, breath, and mindful moment at a time. Did we mention these sessions are online and FREE?

One Monday a month throughout the year from 8-8:30am.

About  Danni Pomplun


I turned to yoga when there was nothing left.

I had a rough childhood and lived on my own by the time I was 16. I turned to drugs and alcohol as vices; I succumbed to depression, suicide, and surrounded myself with anyone and anything to avoid confronting my reality of a life in decline. After I lost a partner, and had a cancer scare, I continued to lean into self-destructive behavior. We all have our limits, and I hit mine but yoga found me when I needed it most. Yoga met me where I was — not judging me, but demanding my attention.

With a consistent practice, I took multiple steps towards the path of becoming a teacher. Since then, I’ve studied and learned from the best, crediting Darren Main, Jason Crandell, Noah Maze, Rocky Heron, and Janet Stone in influencing my teaching and teaching style. Each class with me is intelligent, fun, functional, but most of all, authentic.

I consider myself a teacher who specializes in breaking down the elements of a vinyasa practice in an accessible, fun, and light-hearted way. My teaching philosophy is one that allows students to understand movements within their bodies at a functional level as opposed to having a standard, routine vinyasa practice. It is my hope that with each practice, students leave their mat with a stronger appreciation for what the body is capable of, how this practice goes off the mat beyond the physical asanas, fosters an unwavering community when we move and breathe together, and how yoga is always there to support you at any time.